Young Adult Catholics

1The book is out!

In exploring thirteen subpopulations of young adult Catholics (e.g., Catholic undergraduates, Black Catholics), readers will gain a strong sense of where Catholic young adults, in all their diversity, are today. Each section is introduced by a social scientist who offers the bigger picture; contributors here are Jerome P. Baggett, Jeffrey M. Burns, Tricia C. Bruce, Stephen M. Cherry, John Coleman, S.J., Maureen K. Day, Michele Dillon, Mark Erdosy, Mary Gautier, Kathleen Garces-Foley, Mary Ellen Konieczny, Hosffman Ospino, Tia M. Pratt, Brian Starks, and Jeana Visel, O.S.B. This is followed by 2-6 “experiential” contributors, that is, young adults who are a part of that subgroup. Each section concludes with discussion questions to help the reader think through how they might better understand or minister to that group.

It is selling well! It hit #2 on Paulist’s bestsellers list and, after over a month, still ranks very high. My deep thanks to all the contributors for a fantastic and thorough collection; may it serve the readers well!