Media Appearances

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American Catholic Studies Newsletter, Volume 48, no. 2, p. 23

American Catholic Studies Newsletter (University of Notre Dame’s Cushwa Center) — Fall 2021

Modern Catholics with Maureen Day

On a Mission — September 27, 2021

Cardinal Cupich: To save planet, US must reject ‘false idol’ of money

National Catholic Reporter — July 14, 2021

American Catholic Studies Newsletter, Volume 48, no. 1, p. 55

American Catholic Studies Newsletter (University of Notre Dame’s Cushwa Center) — Spring 2021

Appointment of woman a ‘great hope’

The Southern Cross — February 23, 2021

Event series’ proposals aim to raise women’s voices in San Diego Diocese

National Catholic Reporter — January 6, 2021

Love Brewing Cafe

Diocese of San Diego, Office of Family Spirituality — October 9, 2020

What Americans Really Think About Abortion

Wall Street Journal — September 25, 2020 (as “team of five sociologists”)

What Pro-Lifers Can Learn From the Notre Dame Abortion Survey

National Catholic Register — August 9, 2020 (as “a team of five sociologists”)

Abortion study finds American opinion much more complicated than polls suggest — July 21, 2020 (as “sociologists at the University of Notre Dame”)

Survey Shows that Only 33% of Americans Believe that Abortion is Morally Wrong

The Daily Citizen — July 17, 2020 (as “the researchers”)

National abortion study finds out-of-touch labels, knowledge gaps, appetite for moral discussion — July 16, 2020 (as “team of sociologists”)

Notre Dame study examines ‘everyday’ Americans’ attitudes toward abortion

Catholic News Service — July 15, 2020 (as “a research team”)

Appears in NCR and America

Five years after Laudato Si: How are we doing?

The Southern Cross — June 1, 2020

Here’s what to expect for Laudato Si’ Week as pope’s ecology document turns five

National Catholic Reporter — May 15, 2020

How to Increase U.S. Parish Support among Latino Catholics

The CARA Report — Winter 2020

Season 4, Episode 1: Dr. Maureen Day

Campus Min Podcast — 2/12/20

Survey finds tension between professional and ‘missionary’ campus ministers:
Follow-up projects to address ‘shared ministry’ and college-to-parish transition

National Catholic Reporter — 1/24/20

San Diego People

KUSI — 12/22/19

Book Review: Young Adult American Catholics

American Catholic Studies — VOL. 130, NO. 2 (2019)

US Congress, more diverse than ever, falls far short of country’s diversity

National Catholic Reporter — 2/25/19

Young Adult American Catholics

The CARA Report — Winter 2019

Assessing Catholic Campus Ministry

The CARA Report — Winter 2019

NCR Podcast: How (and why) Jews appreciate Catholics (my part comes in at 25:20)

National Catholic Reporter — 11/29/18

Polarization in the Pews

St. Anthony’s Messenger — November 2018

Culture plays role in US Hispanics’ muted response to abuse crisis

National Catholic Reporter — 11/13/18

Young Catholics’ essays invite readers to deep, authentic listening

National Catholic Reporter –11/7/18

Latinos could transform faith’s role in US politics

National Catholic Reporter — 10/27/18

Amoris Laetitia–Part Two — 6/22/18

Amoris Laetitia–Part One — 6/14/18

“Ministry Seeks a More Just and Peaceful World”

The CARA Report — Winter 2018

Theologians praise San Diego’s pioneering synod

National Catholic Reporter — 11/4/16