Media Appearances

Book Review: Young Adult American Catholics

American Catholic Studies — VOL. 130, NO. 2 (2019)

US Congress, more diverse than ever, falls far short of country’s diversity

NCR — 2/25/19

Young Adult American Catholics

The CARA Report — Winter 2019

Assessing Catholic Campus Ministry

The CARA Report — Winter 2019

NCR Podcast: How (and why) Jews appreciate Catholics (my part comes in at 25:20)

NCR — 11/29/18

Polarization in the Pews

St. Anthony’s Messenger — November 2018

Culture plays role in US Hispanics’ muted response to abuse crisis

NCR — 11/13/18

Young Catholics’ essays invite readers to deep, authentic listening

NCR –11/7/18

Latinos could transform faith’s role in US politics

NCR — 10/27/18

Amoris Laetitia–Part Two — 6/22/18

Amoris Laetitia–Part One — 6/14/18

“Ministry Seeks a More Just and Peaceful World”

The CARA Report — Winter 2018

Theologians praise San Diego’s pioneering synod

NCR — 11/4/16