I have an edited collection with Paulist Press entitled Young Adult American Catholics: Explaining Vocation in Their Own Words (for the amazon listing, click here) This book has a couple of different target audiences. First, it is great for ministers or a parish looking to start or revamp a young 1adult ministry. Second, it would be insightful for scholars looking to learn more about young adults, Catholicism or vocation and meaning. The book is organized into thirteen subsections (e.g., Hispanic Catholics or emerging adults). Each of these is introduced by a sociologist who gives a “big picture” view of young adult Catholics of that demographic. This sociologist is followed by 2-6 “voices,” that is, young adults who are a part of that population. They write from their own experience and understanding of vocation as well as discuss the pastoral needs they have of the Church. Finally, each section closes with some discussion questions that will help you think about how to apply this scholarship and these experiences to your own parish context. For several weeks after publication it was #2 on the Paulist bestsellers list. The scholarly contributors are: Jerome P. Baggett, Jeffrey M, Burns, Tricia Colleen Bruce, Stephen M. Cherry, John Coleman, S.J., Maureen K. Day, Michele Dillon, Mark Erdosy, Mary Gautier, Kathleen Garces-Foley, Mary Ellen Konieczny, Hosffman Ospino, Tia M. Pratt, Brian Starks and Jeana Visel, O.S.B. It got lots of attention, being featured in the National Catholic Reporter, The CARA Report and American Catholic Studies.

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