Reactions to the Sex Abuse Crisis Among Latino/a Catholics

Many thanks to Soli Salgado and Maria Benevento for their well-researched article “Culture plays role in US Hispanics’ muted response to abuse crisis” in the National Catholic Reporter. The authors interviewed a substantial range of people: academics (including me), magisterial and pastoral leaders. A great read for everyone, and a must read for those in Latino ministry.

Latino Catholics and U.S. Politics

As you are considering which candidate you’ll be casting your vote for, take a second to read “Latinos could transform faith’s role in US politics” by Maria Benevento of the National Catholic Reporter. In it she discusses her interview with me and others, helping us to better understand the significance of the Latino vote today.

If you want to know a bit more on the details of the Latino and white vote in light of the 2016 election, please see my guest post, “Understanding the Catholic Vote: White and Hispanic Catholics in 2016,” on Catholic Moral Theology.